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My consulting services help companies achieve their sustainability goals through a balance of economic, social and ecological sustainability:


The intersection of these three areas is called “triple bottom line”, also known as corporate sustainability or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). As you can see, sustainability has got many names and is different in every business. But each sustainability concept always consists of these three equal elements. While the ideal state may never be achieved, it should be in the interest of every business to strive towards it. The model presented above is not just pure theory.

Let me help you understand this theory by giving you a practical example:

Let us assume that a company manufactures products in a factory. This factory requires machinery, raw materials and deals with various stakeholders such as employees, distributors, partners and of course its customers. The company’s goal is to achieve profitable sales and continue growth (ECONOMY), the employees want to have a pleasant, modern and secure workplace (SOCIAL), while distributors and partners demand the company to act responsibly in its supply chain operations. Furthermore, the production process, distribution and finally also the products’ disposal should not be at the expense of our environment (ECOLOGY).

Many companies are already operating responsibly and are well aware of the importance of sustainability in business. However, a business strategy is usually designed to last less than five years, while social and environmental responsibilities take much more time – up to 20 years (for example through improved energy efficiency in production sites by retrofitting a plant, reduction of a vehicle fleet’s CO2 emissions, or a HR strategy improving employee satisfaction by introducing a flexible working hours scheme).

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