CSR Communication

What does our corporate sustainability profile actually look like? And where and how can we communicate the things we do? We are already on the right path, but how does our environment think about it and how can we initiate a productive dialogue with our customers, partners and fellow citizens?

Kommunikation - Hand - pexels-photo-886521 - 11x7Sustainability is complex and if it were a product, it would certainly require an instruction leaflet. Let me help you in formulating authentic and comprehensible communication measures based on the existing sustainability strategy:

    • Identify your product or service portfolio’s key sustainability features and develop content for the various communication channels.
      Let us assume your product, an environmentally friendly coffee mug, will be launched in half a year. I will work with you in advance to develop a communication strategy that covers aspects such as manufacturing, health compliance, product longevity and product recycling. Together, we can find ways to portray your product’s characteristics in vivid and authentic colours.
    • Analyse communication recipients and develop a communication strategy: who receives which type of content on which communication channel?
      When you communicate the sustainability message to your customers, it makes a difference whether you have private individuals as a recipient of communications or, for example, a corporate customer who is thinking of buying your environmentally friendly coffee mugs for their staff canteen. The content will remain the same, but the language is different.
    • Choosing “push” or “pull” communication
      Your customers browse your website and find a PDF brochure about your coffee cups and download it (“pull communication”). When you introduce another, environmentally friendly product to the market, I would not only recommend your corporate website as a channel, but in addition a newsletter to your customers informing them about this new product (“push communication”) combined with promotional offers, if applicable.
      • Target group-oriented communication of key sustainability features in marketing materials such as brochures, presentations and intranet or internet articles and blog posts.
        If you want to make your eco-friendly coffee cups known to your target groups, blog posts, brochures or presentations are not just different in style but also in length. I can help you find the right language for every medium.


    • Preparation of CSR reports in consideration of currently valid GRI guidelines (global reporting standard)
      The GRI guidelines clearly state which content should be part of a sustainability report – namely economic, environmental and social performance indicators. I’ll be your guide through this reporting jungle.
    • Ensuring legal conformity of brand messages in accordance with the criteria of industry standards and certifications such as ISO or Der Blaue Engel (Blue Angel).
      Let us assume your coffee mugs are Blue Angel certified. The award criteria for acquiring this certificate also provide an ideal basis for transparent and legally compliant brand communication. I provide you with good advice and active support.
    • Preparation of position papers on topics such as occupational health and safety, human rights and corporate diversity
      Especially in business proposals, clients often demand the provisioning of position papers. Creating these documents requires a keen eye for detail and an appropriate, matter-of-fact type of language. I help you conveying complex content such as work safety on one page.
    • Communication consulting for events with sustainability focus
      Your company would like to donate a larger quantity of your coffee cups to a charitable organisation. Your social commitment deserves to be documented through articles and blog posts, and it also finds its way into your company’s sustainability report. And why not conduct a video interview with the director of the charitable organisation?

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