CSR Training

“Why do our business partners require information on our vehicle fleet’s carbon footprint and why are human rights so important to our customers? All of that does not seem to be related to our business – and how does addressing these topics help leverage our business?”

Thoughts like the above can be difficult to grasp for managers – sustainability’s potential as a business multiplier is often underestimated and too often “discovered” too late, for example when customers and partners demand clarity on several sustainability-related topics in requests for proposals (RFPs).

From my own experience, I know that sustainability managers face many challenges in their role: important internal stakeholders such as senior management, sales, HR and, in a broader sense, business partners and investors are often not easily inspired by innovative and sustainable ideas. Today, sustainability is no longer smiled upon as more and more customers are placing ever greater demands on a company’s sustainability profile. Today’s customers are asking questions and their purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by the societal and environmental impact of a company’s products or services. Just to give you an example: electricity providers have been focusing on sustainable sourcing for quite some time, but sooner or later every other manufacturing industry will have to address issues such as environmental protection and occupational health and safety and social responsibility in terms of delicate topics like human rights.

I offer you the following consulting services for the reorientation of your corporate culture:

Align your corporate sustainability message with your business plan
Schulung - Besprechung -pexels-photo-630839 - 11x7.jpegI can give you ideas to find appropriate responses to the following questions: which products and services are introduced to the market and how can we integrate their sustainability aspects into our communication measures? At which events can we place the message? How can the sustainable brand message be best diffused through social media channels?

CSR Leadership Training
Schulung - Präsentation - pexels-photo-1093913 - 11x7.jpegI can help you responding to the question “how?”, that customers increasingly ask: how and under which conditions are products manufactured, how does R&D work, how can all this be substantiated? In order to address these questions, I work with scenarios that first help to understand the customers’ view and, after gaining insight through this perspective, and then implement a long-term sustainability strategy for a product or a service.

Establishing a culture of Thought Leadership
Schulung - Sprechblasen - pexels-photo-1059116 - 11x7.jpegThe “Thinking ahead” aspect of a corporate strategy is deeply engrained in the triple bottom line of environmental sustainability. I support your management and R&D department in identifying the sustainability potential of new products or services under the aspect of breakthrough innovation and thus helping your business get fit for the future.

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